Kenneth Probst, XavierStudio

Kenneth Probst, XavierStudio

Our ground breaking research article on Fetal cell isolation from the cervix and the proof of principle of fetal genetic assessment at 5 weeks of pregnancy published in Science Translational Medicine, November 2nd, 2016.

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Fetal genome profiling at 5 weeks of gestation after noninvasive isolation of trophoblast cells from the endocervical canal

Chandni V. Jain*, Leena Kadam*, Marie van Dijk,  Hamid-Reza Kohan-Ghadr, Brian A. Kilburn, Craig Hartman, Vicki Mazzorana, Allerdien Visser, Michael Hertz, Alan D. Bolnick, Rani Fritz, D. Randall Armant and Sascha Drewlo1,

Find a free copy of the paper for download here.

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