Our collaborators are critical to our success!

Collaborators and Parnters

Dr. D. Randall Armant, Wayne State University, MI, USA

  • We are honored to have Dr. Armant as a partner on various research projects. Dr. Armant developed the initial TRIC platform which we are now jointly exploring for various clinical and biological applications. 

Dr. John Kingdom, Mount Sinai Hospital, ON, Canada

  • Dr. Kingdom is a highly published clinician scientists with particular interest in preeclampsia.

Dr. Craig Hartman, Safe and Sound for Women, Inc., NV, USA

  • Dr. Hartman has an interest in embryo implantation and provides samples and key insight.

Dr. Michael Diamond, Medical College of Georgia, GA, USA 

  • Dr. Diamond is a long standing collaborator and supporter of the TRIC technology.


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